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AboutĀ the RHLL Little League All-StarsĀ 

Each year, Rolling Hills Little League (RHLL) will attempt to field competitive teams to participate in post-season Little League tournament play. The teams are composed of players from various teams that participated in the regular RHLL Spring Baseball Season.

This document describes the process that RHLL will follow when selecting the managers, coaches and players to represent RHLL in the Little League post-season tournaments.

In summary, the Managers for each team will be voted on by the All-Star Selection Committee and the RHLL President and Vice-President.  The selection of Managers is subject to final approval by the RHLL President and Vice-President.

Players are selected in two ways.  Five players at each level are chosen by a vote of the players at their age level, and the remaining players are selected by the All-Star Manager.  The All-Star Manager will have broad discretion to select players he/she feels will best contribute and create a competitive team that represents RHLL in post-season tournament play.  The player selections made by the All-Star Manager at each level are subject to final approval by the RHLL President and Vice-President.


The objective of the All-Star selection process is as follows: 

  • Comply with Little League International rules
  • Create the most competitive team(s) possible
  • Create teams that will represent the league and community’s values

All-Star Manager Selection

Manager and Assistant Coach Eligibility

  1. All-Star Managers and Assistant Coaches are considered ambassadors of RHLL. They must have conducted themselves in exemplary fashion, upholding the values of RHLL both on and off the field during the regular season.  The President and/or League Commissioners may disqualify a candidate from consideration for conduct deemed unbecoming a representative of RHLL.
  1. “Conduct unbecoming a representative” is defined as repeated, observed and documented actions or behaviors which are wholly inconsistent with or violate the values or rules of RHLL; behaviors which put RHLL, players or coaches at substantial risk.
  2. RHLL President shall have final authority to declare a candidate ineligible.
  3. In the event that the RHLL President determines a candidate ineligible, he/she shall convene a special session of the Board prior to taking action to remove and or disqualify a candidate from service.  This meeting is advisory only.


  1. Candidate must have been a Manager or Coach of a team in the RHLL regular spring season.  Exceptions can be made by the RHLL President.
  1. All candidate Coaches and Managers interested in coaching All-Stars must advise the All-Star Selection Committee regarding their availability and commitment to coach the All-Star teams before May 15th of a tournament year.

Manager Selection Process

Each member (5 members) of the All-Star Selection Committee, a Committee designated by the Board at the beginning of the season, will get one vote each on Manager candidates who self-nominated at each age level.  The RHLL President and Vice President will also each receive a vote.  The Manager candidate at each level with the most votes will be selected as the Manager, subject to final approval by the RHLL President and Vice-President.

Assistant Coach Selection Process

Once confirmed, an All-Star Manager will have discretion to designate two assistant coaches, subject to final approval by the RHLL President and Vice-President.

All-Star Player Selection Process

Before a player will be considered and nominated for an All-Star team, the player must satisfy three general requirements: 1) Eligibility, 2) Availability and 3) Ability.


  1. Players are eligible to be nominated to All-Star team if they meet the following age requirements:


Post Season Tournament Division

Age on or before April 30 of the Spring Season

11/12  All-Stars

12 or 11 years old

11/10  All-Stars

11 or 10 years old

10/9 All-Stars

10 or 9 years old



  1. Players must have participated in at least 60 percent of the cumulative number of games for RHLL regular season and championship tournament games.


In order to participate, a player’s parents must sign the All-Star Commitment Form by the designated deadline and return it to their team manager.  It is distributed by RHLL team managers at every level, usually beginning in early April.  Strict adherence to the terms and conditions of the All-Star Commitment Form’s terms and conditions must be adhered to at all times.  Any exceptions must be approved by the All-Star Committee and are subject to final approval by the President and Vice President.  A copy of the All-Star Commitment Form is available on the RHLL website.

Ability and Attitude

All-Star team members must be able to contribute at the highest level of athleticism and baseball skill. To be considered for All-Star nomination, players will be assessed on the following dimensions:

  1. Performance of play in regular season games
  2. Players demonstrated baseball skills and acumen.
  3. Player’s attitude, competitive spirit, and fulfillment of the ethics promoted by RHLL
  4. While statistical information may form the basis for a nomination, the fidelity and completeness of performance data in Little League is highly varied and cannot be the sole determining factor

Player Nomination

  1. Only players who timely submit a RHLL All-Star Commitment Form will be considered for All-Stars.  
  2. Prior to the end of the RHLL season, the players will vote for 5 spots on each All-Star team.  12-year-olds can only vote for 12s, 11-year-olds can only vote for 11s, and 9 and 10-year-olds can only vote for 9 and 10-year-olds.  
  3. The remaining players at each level will be selected by the All-Star Managers at each level after consultation with their selected coaches.  Prior to selection of the teams at each level, the Managers of each regular season Little League team will be provided the opportunity to meet with the All-Star Managers to advise of players who should be considered, provide stats and other information, and to otherwise advocate for players.
  4. The final rosters will be completed in late May, and will remain confidential until after the selected players are advised by virtue of an All-Star sign being posted in their front yard, usually within a few days after the regular season closing ceremonies.