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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: We are signed up! Now what?
A: Teams are formed in late January. Your coach will reach out to you shortly after with team information and practice times.

Q: My child tried out last year. Does he/she need to tryout again?
A: Yes. Tryouts happen each year to allow coaches to evaluate players for drafting purposes.

Q: Which division should my child play in?
A: We have prepared a detailed guide to help! Click HERE

Q: I have more than one child. Can they play together on the same team?
A: If they are close in age/skill, then yes. Please email us for more information.

Q: Can I coach a team?
A: We are always looking for coaches and volunteers and have great programs in place to get you started! Please indicate that you would like to help out when you register.

Q: What will my child need to bring to practice?
A: Cleats (no metal spikes), Bat (USA Standard), Batting Helmet,  Glove, and Athletic Attire. A water bottle is a good idea too!

Q: Does each player play every game?
A: Yes. Little League specifies minimum play requirements so that each child gets a chance to experience different infield/outfield positions. 

Q: I'm concerned about my child pitching and overuse of his/her arm.
A: Little League has limits on pitch counts and number of rest days based on the child's age. These limits are strictly adhered to. Please reach out to your child's coach for more information.

Q: What is my child's "Little League Age"?
A: Little League age is determined by the child's actual age on August 31st of that year. Click HERE for more information.