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Dear RHLL Families,

We hope each of you and your family are healthy and staying safe.  We are living in unprecedented times with significant uncertainty because of Covid-19.  During the suspension of the season we have been working hard on a reopening plan. We have gone down every road and tried everything possible to get county, city, and school district approval to return to the fields. As much as we wanted to re-start the season, we were not able to get permission to reopen. Consequently, RHLL has made the very difficult decision to cancel the 2020 Spring baseball season for all divisions.

As most of you know, RHLL is a non-profit volunteer-run organization that is fully dependent on fund-raising and league enrollment dues. Please note most of our expenses are incurred at the beginning of the season to purchase uniforms, equipment, umpire services, insurance, charter fees, stock for our snack shack, labor and materials for our fields as well as our Opening Day festivities.

Thank you for your amazing patience and understanding about wanting to keep the hope of the season alive but this is just not possible. The timing of the unexpected stop to our season did not allow us to recoup any of our incurred expenses with fund raising and snack shack sales so we are not able to offer refunds.

If you purchased snack shack vouchers, we will be carrying those vouchers forward to next season.  If you are a parent of a 12 year-old player and you don’t have any other RHLL players, please send an email to by August 15th and we will assist you with your voucher refund.

We are planning and preparing for next season and look forward to the day when we can be on the fields again.



Rolling Hills Little League


Our mission is to provide the youth in our community with an environment that promotes the enjoyment, appreciation, and understanding of the game of baseball, while teaching the virtues of teamwork, fair play, and sportsmanship.

At Rolling Hills Little League, we are more interested in producing top quality citizens than top quality athletes. We operate under the principle that, first and foremost, Rolling Hills Little League exists for the benefit of the kids.


In honor of RHLL’s 65th Anniversary Season please consider making a donation to RHLL. Registration fees cover all costs associated with your child’s participation in little league including team photos, uniforms, field maintenance and umpire fees.  Funding for special projects, major improvements and emergency needs are garnered through corporate sponsorship and generous donors.  Your support is appreciated and helps keep RHLL the pride of the hill.

All donations are tax-deductible 

Rolling Hills  Little League

Rolling Hills Little League


RHLL 2020 Opening Day . Special Thanks to Darren Maddern for snapping this pic.